Business Coaching Services

Coaching (guidance) is a methodology suitable for personal development in which an expert supports a person to achieve a specific personal and/or professional goals. Executive coaching is aimed at Company Managers, Company Administrators, General Manager, CEO but also at managerial Employees to facilitate the use of communication, improvement, and achievement of corporate objectives through positive interaction with people or the team with targeted business coaching services.

The epochal changes of the last decade such as digital transformation and economic globalization have completely eradicated the classic way of approaching with customers; however, these are expected to produce further major changes in the years to come. Therefore, it is vitally important to cope with this metamorphosis through the use of highly qualified people to receive, enhance and transmit new ways of approach. The Executive Coach is a professional who prepares the company to incorporate these renovations and supports it to achieve the goals it has set itself; to plan new commercial strategies; make structural changes within the company; improve communication between the various departments that are sometimes too airtight and prone to listening, for the purpose of a common good: enhance the corporate brand and increase its business.

Specific techniques for Top Managers

The benefits of this business coaching services are manifolds: to acquire or increase one’s awareness; improve the relationship with colleagues, subordinates, customers and the entire corporate team; learn to recognize behaviors that create benefit but also that can create limitations; increase your self-esteem; manage tension both in the company and in private life; develop or improve own knowledge and skills; preserve your physical and mental well-being through collateral activities that create comfort, as it is well known that inner happiness develops beneficial chemical processes for our body.

We are talking about the following neurotransmitters that help us be happy and improve our approach with others: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins.

  • Dopamine propagates in our body when we reach a goal. Therefore postponing does not help our well-being, on the contrary, it reduces it as it inhibits self-esteem in ourselves. It is therefore vital to set short, medium and long-term objectives in order to achieve them;
  • Serotonin is a chemical agent that makes us significant and important. Psychotropic drugs are suitable for this process even if to be happy we have to look for other ways such as gratitude that is freed from our body through the enhancement of positive things; self-celebration (showing others our own things like photos, videos, etc. etc.); daydreaming, making love and having daily sun exposure;
  • Oxytocin creates intimacy and trust and promotes the beginning of healthy relationships. A hug, for example, reduces cardiovascular stress and promotes our immune system. In the team-building events that we carry out, we constantly induce touch even between equal sexes as these contacts are beneficial, create trust and lower the stress hormone (cortisol);
  • Endorphins, similar to morphine, work as an analgesic and sedative because they reduce the perception of pain and make us less angry. Therefore, doing sports and laughing in a company creates a disruptive effect on our body;
  • The epinephrine molecule (adrenaline) also creates a natural energizing shock in our body against psychophysical fatigue.

Beneficial effects with Business Coaching Services

To help you develop beneficial effects, don’t hesitate, contact us now to learn new methodologies and improve your ego.

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