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The Iberian Peninsula is a very important country but above all it is characteristic for the realization of business events, team building and company retreat ideas in Spain.

The country includes seventeen autonomous communities each of which has different cultures and geographical characteristics. Its capital Madrid, synonymous with life, charm and warmth that evokes empathy among people, is also well known for the Royal Palace and the Prado museum, where inside there are very important works of illustrious European masters. Barcelona, ​​Catalonia Region, is unique and appreciated all over the world for extraordinary works of art and architecture by Antoni Gaudì that also include the beautiful Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia and are the jewel of the city; in addition to the Picasso Museums and the Joan Mirò Foundation with extraordinary works by the aforementioned artists and other museums with archaeological finds from the Roman era. Seville, Capital and Region of Andalusia is located in the south of Spain, is well known for its flamenco, the fantastic Alcázar Castle, the bullring where the bullfighting known as the Plaza del Toros de la Maestranza of the 18th century takes place, as well as for its imposing gothic cathedral with inside the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Bilbao, located north of the peninsula, is an industrial port city surrounded by green mountains and is the capital of the Basque Country. Its center is adorned with skyscrapers and very famous for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Our incentive travels in Spain contain history, study, training and entertainment but always with the primary purpose of making group cohesion so that these methodologies can then be subsequently useful in the business environment.

Your company retreat ideas in the beautiful Spanish cities that today are important cutting-edge centers with new design hotels, cafes, shops and interesting offers for guests.

The Venice Sunset staff will make your corporate incentive unique by immersing yourself in the suggestive and warm Spanish atmosphere.

incentive valencia

The ideal city to organize your company incentive Valencia at any time of the year. The weather, almost always sunny, allows you to experience it outdoors and organize interesting team building activities. The light and warmth of Valencia reflect all the characteristics of our beloved Spain, which very often welcomes us for the organization of

incentive sevilla

Every time we organize a new company incentive in Sevilla the heart is filled with joy. We deeply love this beautiful city that always knows how to give us new emotions. It will be the charm of southern Spain, with its culture rich in tradition and fusion of peoples, it will be its time characterized

incentive bilbao spain

Bilbao is one of the alternative destinations for your successful business incentive. An incentive Bilbao in the Basque city par excellence with its strong identity culture and its own language. It preserves ancient traditions, but, at the same time, it is launched towards a future dominated by the activity of young artists and creatives. Become

incentive barcelona

Barcelona is the second city in Spain after Madrid. Characterized by an extremely mild climate it is suitable for organizing an incentive Barcelona at any time of the year. It has all the advantages and conveniences of a large metropolis with the added value of looking out over the sea. It differs from all other

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Madrid is one of the most fascinating cities in Spain to organize your business incentive. Madrid is life and warmth! The right place to stimulate empathy among people. Surely it is one of the European capitals where the beauty of its monuments and its museums is made more fascinating by the warmth and vitality of