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Poland is a very important destination for the creation of business events and incentive Poland. There are many cities where specific events can be realized with high quality standards and with costs that are significantly lower than other European capitals. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a city with a turbulent past but with a very varied architecture that includes Gothic churches, neoclassical palaces, castles, luxury hotels, as well as buildings from the Soviet era and contemporary skyscrapers. Certainly a city at the forefront of creating business events. Krakow, located in the south of Poland, borders the Czech Republic. It has a medieval center of considerable interest, as well as the Jewish quarter, the Planty park, the remains of the medieval walls and the imposing Rynek Glówny (the market Square). We also consider this city very interesting for the creation of specific corporate events that, although not very large, have excellent venues. The port city of Gdansk located on the Baltic coast, notably rebuilt following the events of the Second World War, has inside the Long Market characterized by colorful houses used as shops and restaurants. The city is also an important global center for the amber trade. A location à la mode and out of the usual patterns for the creation of a corporate event.

Our incentive trips contain history, study, training and entertainment but always with the primary purpose of group cohesion so that these methodologies can then be useful in the company environment.

Your incentive or corporate event in the beautiful Polish cities that today are important cutting-edge centers with new design hotels, cafes, shops and interesting offers for guests.

The Venice Sunset staff will make your corporate incentive Poland unique, immersing yourself in the evocative atmosphere of Poland rich in history and charm.

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For Company incentives between history and fairy tales? Come to Wroclaw! Organize your Company incentives in Wroclaw, you will find an atmosphere permeated with imagination. The city is dominated by small and friendly men always busy doing something. At the moment there are 170 scattered throughout the city, but they are destined to increase! The

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Gdansk can be an idea for your corporate incentive that goes beyond the usual destinations. Gdańsk is a beautiful city built on the banks of the Motława River, a branch of the Vistula delta and one kilometer from the Baltic Sea. It built its wealth on the trade, on the shipyards and on the trade

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Are you looking for an alternative incentive Krakow? Follow our recommendation… organize it in Krakow! Krakow is an elegant city on the banks of the Vistula in the south of Poland near the border with the Czech Republic … and has long been the Capital of the country. Today it is certainly an interesting cultural,

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The city of Chopin is an explosion of day and nightlife that develops throughout the city center as well as offering a wide range of exclusive locations for your incentive Warsaw. A business card for incentive travel, team building training and the creation of business events that offer various opportunities to a varied clientele. Warsaw