Team Building Naples

Encourage effective teamwork

If you need to make a team building in Naples, we offer you the right solutions to entertain you through a team game and at the same time let you discover the beautiful Naples with its historic center full of history.

Each team building we make In Naples is specific to the brand of the Company and nothing is left aside. In addition to the team building, we also provide continued assistance, transfers, refreshments and gala dinner in wonderful locations in order to conclude the pleasant day spent together.

team building in naples

Every day a considerable pressure is experienced by Executives of each company in order to increase productivity and revenue and respond effectively to the global market competition. All this, however, translates with the constant increase of many diseases, a consequent increase in costs by the Company and a poor performance of each worker. The laughter

team building naples for creating beautiful ceramics

A successful Team Building activity in Naples at an ancient pottery factory dating back to the first half of the 18th century. An activity still today strictly managed by the family members who, with dedication and abnegation, have succeeded over the centuries by implementing new techniques in ceramic processing today used in the best interior

cooking lessons for team building in Naples

Preparing a menu requires the same skills and capabilities needed for a workgroup within a business organization. The features to be developed are creativity, diligence, and group spirit. Our job will be to develop a forge of talents committed to a common result. The main focus of the work will be to enhance the individual’s

sailing race for team building naples

Sailboat racing is considered to be one of the most efficient agonistic training because in the same boat a business environment is made with the participants as if they were in their offices with their respective skills to play. With the sailing competition, all members are entrusted with precise tasks that they obviously have to

pizza making naples

The origins of the famous Neapolitan pizza date back to the period from 1715 to 1725. The Neapolitan pizza is known and appreciated for its soft and thin dough and the high edges commonly called “cornicione”. The preparation and the leavening of the dough is the secret and the most important passage that, when cooked,

discover naples with our treasure hunt

The activity we propose will take place between the streets of the historic center of Naples better known as “Spaccanapoli”; where the charm and culture of millennia blend between ancient lanes and ancient Palaces still playing a major role for the city today. The beautiful treasure hunt Naples we present, ensures a better team-building, but