Team Building Naples

Encourage effective teamwork

If you need team building Naples, we offer the right solutions to entertain you through a team game. We also let you discover beautiful Naples with its historic center full of history.

Each team building in Naples is specific to the Company’s brand and nothing is left unattended. In addition to team building, we also provide continued assistance, transfers, refreshments and gala dinner in wonderful locations in order to conclude the pleasant day spent together.

Naples is the ideal setting to conduct team building activities: not only that, but this city is beautiful from a historical and architectural point of view but also special for its liveliness. The atmosphere in Naples is unique in the world and the whole city is animated by a special atmosphere, cheerful, carefree, even if with a touch of melancholy that we also find in the author’s songs dedicated to this magical city and that have contributed to Italian music history.

It is certain that in Naples you can do many things, you never get bored. For this reason, our agency proposes different team building activities: from laughter yoga, which aims to dissolve the tension and formal atmosphere created in the offices; teaching the basic techniques for ceramic processing. The sailboat is a perfect way to discover the sea that embraces this wonderful city, especially since Naples boasts a famous gastronomic tradition around the world.

Venice Sunset will provide the finest solutions for organizing team building activities that are educational but also fun. This will foster the main objective of this strategy: increasing the cohesion and harmony among the working group members to work better and with more synergy.


street food naples

Street food in Naples is a must-try experience for anyone visiting the city. The vibrant and bustling streets of Naples are filled with food vendors offering a wide variety of delicious and authentic street food. One of the most popular in Naples is pizza. Naples is known as the birthplace of pizza and the local

masaniello uprising

The Masaniello uprising of 1647 was a popular insurrection in Naples. The revolt was led by Masaniello, a fisherman who became the leader of the Neapolitan people during the fight against Spanish rule. The revolt quickly spread throughout Naples and its surroundings. Masaniello and his followers controlled the city. They demanded the removal of the

outdoor team building

The Campania Region offers many tourist attractions of considerable importance. It is the saying for Naples “see Naples and then die” as it is a city that leaves you speechless with its views that are projected onto the sea, its historic center steeped in ancient history with its Palaces overlooking the courts of extreme beauty

Laughter Yoga Naples

Every day there is considerable pressure on company executives to increase productivity and revenue and respond effectively to global market competition. All this, however, translates into the constant increase in many diseases, a consequent increase in costs by the Company and the poor performance of each worker. The laughter Yoga Naples that we offer increases

naples cooking classes

Preparing a menu requires the same skills and capabilities needed for a workgroup within a business organization. The features to be developed are creativity, diligence, and group spirit. Our job will be to develop a forge of talents committed to a common result. The main focus of the work will be to enhance the individual’s

sailing lessons

The regatta with sailing lessons is considered one of the most efficient competitive training means since in the same boat it is possible to recreate a company setting as if all the participants were inside their offices with their relative skills to perform. Through the sailing competition, the components of the sailing team building are

team building pizza naples

The origins of the famous Neapolitan pizza date back to the period from 1715 to 1725. The Neapolitan pizza is known and appreciated for its soft and thin dough and the high edges commonly called “cornicione”. The preparation and the leavening of the dough are the secret and the most important passage that, when cooked,

treasure hunt naples

The treasure hunt Naples activity is set to take place in the historic center of Naples, famously known as “Spaccanapoli”. This area is home to numerous ancient lanes and palaces that have played a significant role in the city’s rich culture for centuries. The charm and culture of millennia mingle together in this historic center,