Team Building Florence

An effective teamwork

Our team building activities bring teams together, foster collaboration, and build trust. They are tailored specifically to Florence, so you will explore the city and its culture while engaging in fun activities. This is a great way to build team morale and create lasting memories.

Each team building Florence we make is specific to the Company’s product and nothing is left to chance. Besides team building, we provide transfers, refreshments, and a gala dinner to complete your day.

The distinctive feature of every company that positions itself as truly international is this – and even top managers are aware of this.

Every employee spends most of his time with his/her colleagues: it is more than fair, therefore, that project managers implement strategies to increase the cohesion of the working group.

Venice Sunset offers different solutions to make your team building activities stimulating from a professional perspective, but also fun. In fact, every work environment should inspire relaxation and involvement. Team building exercises serve precisely this: to make the work team more close-knit, to combine minds, energies and professional skills to best perform a specific task.

In the case of Florence, the activities we propose range from wine tasting to treasure hunting: opportunities, as we mentioned, not only to discover the “human” side of our colleagues, coming into contact with them also from a purely empathic point of view, but also to share ideas and experiences whose ultimate goal is to increase the cohesion of the working group and, consequently, increase productivity.

treasure hunt

We are at the Medici court in 1500. Eleonora di Toledo, the wife of Cosimo I de Medici, cannot locate the splendid necklace she received from Cosimo I on her wedding day. Are you ready to unveil the plot with this treasure hunt? The court is upset: who is plotting against the Duke family? Is

florence wine tours

For a successful team building, we have thought of offering you an impressive Florence wine tours through the beautiful streets of the city. A tour, which not only delights your palate but also it will involve you to know the streets that have become famous around the world the city of Florence, in addition, of

treasure hunt florence

The treasure hunt Florence is an engaging and fun activity for team building. It offers customizable routes depending on the starting and ending point. This adds flexibility to the experience, allowing the group to adapt the route to their needs. Licensed tour guides will lead the game, as they can provide informative information about the