Team Building Rome

Collaborative, effective and cohesive Teams

If you need to make a team building Rome, we offer you the right solutions to entertain you through a team game and at the same time let you discover the beautiful city of Rome.

Each team building Rome we make is specific to the brand of the Company and nothing is left to chance. In addition to the team building, we also provide transfers, refreshments and gala dinner in wonderful locations in order to conclude the pleasant day spent together.

Every employee spends most of his time with his colleagues: it is more than fair, therefore, that project managers implement strategies to increase the cohesion of the working group. Venice Sunset offers different solutions to make your team building activities not only stimulating from a professional point of view, but also fun. In fact, every work environment should inspire relaxation and the desire to get involved. The team building exercises serve precisely this: to make the work team more close-knit, to combine the minds, the energies and the professional skills to best perform a specific task.

In the case of Rome, the team building games for adults we propose range from the mystery dinner party to a treasure hunt: opportunities, as we mentioned, not only to discover the “human” side of our colleagues, coming into contact with them also from a purely empathic point of view. , but also to share ideas and experiences whose ultimate goal is to increase the cohesion of the working group and, consequently, increase productivity.

boat sails

We offer beautiful boat sails in Rome and the province for team building courses related to sailing, so with Skipper and other staff suitable for this activity, Mindfulness courses, and with the possibility of renting for day trips to the surrounding islands or with more days available to other more distant islands. The wooden sailing

team building rome

Rome is a cosmopolitan city full of so much artistic, architectural and cultural history. With its beauty, its history and its monuments of three thousand years fascinate still today the many tourists who come from all over the world. For this reason, many companies want to make their own team building in this beautiful capital.

mystery dinner party

The goal of this funny mystery dinner party in Rome is to increase motivation, confidence, and determination of the participants so that they can handle it in the most suitable way and with the least traumatic problems that occur every day in the various offices or departments of the Companies, in order to optimize at

treasure hunt rome

The team play we suggest guarantees a better clinging within a team but also a greater competitive spirit among the different groups that take part in our treasure hunt Rome. All of this will be up to the professionalism of our actors to ensure the enjoyment of all the participants who will be constantly looked