Team Building Venice

An exciting and successful Team Building

If you need a team building Venice, we offer you the best proposals ranging from historic glassware, mask decoration, treasure hunt as well as other very interesting and specific solutions for every need.

Each team building Venice we make is specific to the product that the Company deals with and nothing is left to chance. In addition to the team building activity, we also take care of transfers, refreshments and conclusive dinner in order to conclude the wonderful day spent together. We organize lots of team building in Venice, so our staff is tested on every request, even the most bizarre.

All our team building activities have a dual purpose: to increase the cohesion of the working group, both from the human and the professional point of view, encouraging the sharing of ideas and experiences, and increasing the productivity. A team that really acts as such – and therefore not only allowing to fully express the talent of each individual member but also putting this same talent at the disposal of the group – is undoubtedly a winning team. The team building exercises, in addition to encouraging the harmony between colleagues, also have the aim of creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, far from the idea of stress and roadmaps, which is then one of the essential requirements for the good result of any job.

Whether it might be the characteristic team building on a sailing boat, the treasure hunt, the accelerated course of photography or the fun dragon boat, the activities offered by Venice Sunset in Venice aim to create an opportunity for both growth and leisure. Only through playful, happy and carefree situations, in fact, will be able to strengthen relationships between colleagues, often chilled by too much time spent each behind their desk. Dialogue, comparison and sharing: these are the right ingredients for a winning team! And with Venice Sunset all this actually becomes possible.

mindfulness courses

Meditative practices are now an optimal tool for achieving some important objectives within the company. In this post, we talk about Mindfulness courses which are a process that cultivates the ability to bring attention to the present moment through awareness and acceptance of the current time. These methods that arise from the ancient Buddhist psychology

load of spices

There are many team-building activities that we organize in Venice and, by virtue of this, we continually think of new and unedited formats in order to offer them to our Customers. These formats, however, always have fun, the discovery of our city as an added value and, last but not least, create cohesion for all

beach volleyball sand

Beach volleyball sand or better known by the name of beach volleyball is a team game that takes place on the beach by means of two opposing teams that measure themselves on the sand field divided by a net. The beach volleyball in Venice that we propose is a very understood and cohesive game and

treausre hunt venice in the footsteps of casanova

We propose an unpublished treasure hunt named in the footsteps of Casanova, freely inspired by the daring Venetian character Giacomo Casanova, known as the greatest seducer of the Republic of the Serenissima. An eclectic character who loves a comfortable life that could not always be afforded between theaters, gambling dens with the loss of huge

Team Building Events

There are many Italian and foreign companies that choose to focus on human resources because they are aware of their importance and the central role they play. A resource that operates in a professional way focusing on the primary aspects of the Company it represents, is a winning card because it will certainly protect the

circus team building venice

The circus team building Venice is an excellent means of cohesion to help all members of a Company to team up and get to know each better in order to gain a good level of individual well-being and balance in the relationship between working time spent within the Company and the private one. Participants will

dancing team building venice

Nowadays team building has become essential for any small, medium or large company that wants to implement new communication strategies among its collaborators in order to improve the communication that often lacks between the various offices or departments. Scientific studies have shown that by means of extra-company training, it is possible to express at best

team building Renaissance Venice

Jacopo Robusti alias “Tintoretto 1519-1594” – was a well-known eccentric and conformist Venetian Painter and the greatest exponent of the Venetian school and of the Italian Renaissance. His nickname came from the profession of his father Giovanni Battista who worked in the field of dyeing silks. He was also known for his various nicknames such

activity team building venice

The Courtesan Veronica Franco, born and died in Venice in 1546-1591, was a Poet and known Courtesan initiated by her mother at a young age to her profession. During the Renaissance, the Venetian society recognized different types of courtesans: the “honest courtesan” was considered the intellectual courtesan; the “courtesan of light” was compared to today’s

glass fusion course team building venice

Team building with Murano glass The benefits of team building are widely acknowledged in order to increase awareness, participation, and cohesion among the various participants which must then be brought back to the Corporate environment in order to better coordinate the various departments. The unusual activity we propose takes place in a Murano historical Glassware

carnival mask

Techniques for the realization of Venetian masks Carnival mask decoration course specific for team building in Venice for the production of the typical Venetian masks. All courses are ideal for team building, groups, families and, children, of course. The course will be introduced by an assistant who will give explanation before the beginning of the

murder mystery dinner

Motivate the work of the group to manage in a more conscious way the different business roles by filling any critical organization, optimize marketing techniques, improve the sales department to deal with customers who are more prepared and selective. Murder mystery dinner to learn the relational techniques. Discover the motive Test your detective skills, sniffs out

photography workshops

Express your feelings People are often involved in team-building projects in the field of photography through the use of a common camera where they filter an image seen by their gaze and not by the professional eye of the photographer. Photography workshops in Venice were born, in fact, in being able to combine with the

sailing classes

A group finds a better aggregation through an activity that best reproduces the dynamics of teamwork. All the participants who will take part in sailing classes in Venice will be divided into groups that, after a preparatory lesson on the use of sailing boats, notions of the wind, safety and the right behavior to be

team building venice

Following a quick but accurate briefing on how to row and on the behavior to keep the boat, you will be ready to get on the dragon boat Venice to compete and discover the less known places of the city and the beauty of its channels that intertwine to each other. Dragon boats depart from

treasure hunt venice

Looking for the clue Treasure hunt Venice between calli, campielli and porticos in search of useful clues to find the right track not so much to decree the winning team, but to allow the group to interact and knowing better by joining suspense with the game and fun – as well as discovering Venice’s alternative