Event Entertainment

Corporate Events Venice

For the right event entertainment in Venice, we propose unique solutions as well as dedicated professionals who will assist you throughout your corporate events.

The event entertainment we propose vary depending on what the Client wants to organize. There may be local animations with a traditional flavor, or major animations such as circus artists of international fame or games and/or different venetian shows that have made the Serenissima Repubblica famous and glorious throughout the centuries.

In this section you will find several proposals that can be selected and adapted for each type of event in order to make the evening unique and memorable for the entertainment of all guests.

Basically, every animation we propose for your event is thoroughly studied in advance according to the brand of the Customer and nothing is left to chance because everything must be maniacally perfect and remembered in the days to come.

casino games

A touch of class to your event For the animation of your event of class in Venice, we propose a scenic reconstruction of some of the most famous casino games in use at the times of Casanova. Croupier in antique costume will follow and coordinate players in this secular fascinating evening full of fun. Small

venice opera

First opera theater The baroque style was born in the 1600s. This style characterizes all kinds of arts combining them in elaborate detail research and spectacularity. The major musical production centers are the Courts of the great European sovereigns and the numerous public theaters. Just in Venice, in 1637, was born the first venice opera

music in venice

Local Music Venice is renowned throughout the world for its wide repertoire of classical and baroque music. Many of the events that we create are made with sweet melodies which can be aimed at business events because all tracks are performed by professional musicians. The typical music in Venice has always been proposed in the


For an exclusive event a concert of the class For an exclusive event, we propose a chamber ensemble consisting of mandolin violin, mandola, and guitars that reports to the public the tradition for plucked instruments that were initiated during the Renaissance in Veneto Region through the families of luthiers as Tieffenbrucker and Sellas continuing later in

handpan drum

The heavenly sound instrument The handpan drum is an expression that describes a group of musical instruments resulting from a growing worldwide interest in the Hang. The instrument consists of two half-shells of deep drawn, nitrided steel sheet glued together at the rim leaving the inside hollow. The top “Ding” side has a center ‘note’

funny waiters

Sober or Funny Perfectly camouflaged among regular waiters, people do not notice the oddities of these characters who seem apparently normal. They are real waiters that slowly, during the event, start to do very “strange and unusual things” but above all to behave in a very unusual way such doing imperceptible “physical tics”, or walking

corporate entertainment

Wonderful performances Acrobats for corporate entertainment in Venice with unique performances of the highest technical level. They present their shows hanging from beams, cranes and any other suspended objects but also with show on the ground. Their breathtaking performances attract the total attention of guests thanks to their physical ability and endurance, but also thanks

magic illusions

The Art of Illusion There are many serious and well-prepared artists practicing the art of magic illusions in order to create emotion, fun, interest, and participation of mind about what is happening on stage, thus shaping a blend of elegance and a crescendo of emotions. Magic illusions shows for events in Venice are used to


The most appropriate location A prestigious event, a gala dinner or a ball in Venice, to be successful not only has to be organized in a beautiful location, but also you have to prepare all the meticulous details to make the scenery unique. The entertainment should be very important in order to make it sparkling

quartet venice

Music for connoisseurs The Quartet Venice is an instrumental group consisting of two violins, a viola, and a cello or violin, cello, clarinet and piano, and are the highest expressions of the music room for their communicative power and their stylistic value generating a big emotional impact. The right Quartet Venice for your event  The

Minuet Dance

Ancient Origins The minuet dance is a great companion and fun tool that boasts very ancient origins since it is considered a great form of communication and union that can successfully excite our emotions and fears. This ancient French folk dance of the XVII century was only in the years to come, accepted and implemented