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Are you looking for an alternative incentive Krakow? Follow our recommendation… organize it in Krakow!

Krakow is an elegant city on the banks of the Vistula in the south of Poland near the border with the Czech Republic … and has long been the Capital of the country. Today it is certainly an interesting cultural, artistic and university center. Saved by the destruction of the Second World War, it preserves a beautiful historical center protected by UNESCO. We can assure you that it is a very special experience to walk through its majestic Rynek Square in the center of which is the Textile Market (Sukiennice), a testimony to its thriving commercial economy. In the same square is the imposing Church of Santa Maria with the two towers with different heights.

The Krakow Castle (Wavel), which looks majestically on the Vistula River, is an important destination during your corporate incentive. It is a significant symbol for the Polish nation because many kings were crowned here. On the hill stands the cathedral of Wavel, the spiritual symbol of Poland. The castle is also permeated by a halo of magic, in fact, tradition has it that in a cave lived the dragon of Wavel who was defeated by a heroic shoemaker who made him eat a sheep stuffed with sulfur that forced him to drink the entire river of Krakow (Vistula) up to burst. A visit to the Czartoryski Cracow Museum is mandatory only to admire one of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces “the lady with an ermine”.

We can admire something spectacular and unique entering the Wieliczka salt mines where a “Salt Cathedral” and 300 km of galleries with bas-reliefs, decorations and ponds have been created. But Krakow is also a place of spirituality and reflection. Spirituality because in this city was Bishop Pope Wojtyla, a heroic defender of Catholic ideals during the period of the communist government. Reflection because in the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz lived a thriving community almost exterminated during the bloody German domination.

Culture, education, and fun with our incentive Krakow

But your business incentive in Krakow will not be just culture and reflection, we will try the Piroghi (ravioli filled with cheese or meat), the barszcz (beet soup and ravioli), the chlodnik (a cold milk soup) or the tasty stewed meat “the bigos” then involving team building, dances, and songs enlivened by thirsty mugs of good Polish beer.

Our events office is at your complete disposal to find the solution that best suits your needs and for the creation of a unique and unpublished incentive Krakow.

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