General Conditions of Sale

1. Prices and arrival at the hotel

Prices are calculated in Euro and include the residence indicated in the booking.
The selected price does NOT include any personal expenses such as the use of the mini bar, telephone, pay-TV or other services offered by the hotel.
If there is a late arrival, please contact the chosen structure (the telephone number is listed on your voucher in your possession) to advise them of the delay and to know the procedures adopted in these cases.

2. Information about booking and payment

• The payment of the entire stay and services booked must be made in advance to complete the booking process.
• Prices and/or the availability of hotels and other services are guaranteed when full payment will be made.

The names given in the booking must be those of the person(s) who will use the actual stay, the repetition of names or the lack of them can cause the rejection of the booking from the hotel.

3. Travel documents

To take advantage of your purchased stay, you must present at the hotel reception with travel documents.
Travel documents are not editable.

4. Cancellation, Changes, Terms of Payment, Jurisdiction

Cancellations or changes made 30 (thirty) days before are subject to a penalty of 30%; from 29 (twenty-nine) to 20 (twenty) days before are subject to a penalty of 60%; up to 19 (nineteen) days from the date of arrival are subject to a 100% penalty per booking.
Confirmation, Term of Payments and Jurisdiction: upon confirmation, a deposit of 30% must be sent, the remaining 70% to be paid no later than 20 (twenty) days before the event through wire transfer, net amount, with bank fees at customer’s charge. For payments by credit card, an additional 4% (four percent) of the total must be paid. All names and related links of structures and/or suppliers will be sent after the payment of the down payment of 30%. Any late payment will result in the forfeiture of the reservations of each service with the withholding of de deposit paid of 30% inherent our work done – upon sending the invoice upon receipt of payment. An invoice will be sent after receiving the total payment agreed if drafted in 74ter when there are multiple services in more days. If drafted in standard VAT for single services on the same day, it will be sent with the receipt of each payment. The place of jurisdiction is in Venice (Italy).

5. Hotel Classification

The category in stars is the official of the country where the structure was located in the regulations of that country requires it. Not all countries still have an official classification.
In any case, Venice Sunset selects and publishes only those facilities that meet strict quality criteria.
Note on the double rooms: in some countries, there is a double bed and a double room consists of two single beds pushed together or separated, or the bed is reduced compared to normal size.

6. Obligations of participants

Participants must be in possession of a personal passport or another valid document for all countries affected by the stay bought, as well as visas and transit and health certificates that may be required. They must also comply with the rules of prudence and diligence and to those specifications in force in the countries of destination.
Luggage travels at the risk of the participant, and the organization can not declare itself responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damage.

7. Obligations of the organizer

If, before or after the beginning of the journey, Venice Sunset is unable to provide for any reason, except for the fact the consumer, an essential part of the services included in the contract, must provide alternative solutions, without additional cost to the consumer and if the services provided are of lower value than those stipulated, repay an amount equal to the difference.

8. Protection of Privacy

When you book a holiday you must provide some basic personal information such as name, e-mail, address, telephone number.
This information allows us to process the booking and purchase of the service as well as to keep the customer informed about their progress or any mishaps.
Any processing of personal data is carried out in full compliance with current legislation (Law no. 675/96 on the protection of personal data) which can be taken in view of the site itself.

9. Regulations

The contracts for the supply of the only service stay, not being able to configure as a case in point travel organization or a tourist package, are governed by the following provisions of the CCV (Law of 27 December 1977, no. 1084): art. 1, no. 3 and no. 6, from art. 17 to 23; from art. 24 to 31, with regard to provisions other than those relating to the organization contracts or other agreements related to the sale of a single service contract.

10. Liability

This site is provided by Venice Sunset as it presents itself and may contain inaccuracies and/or editorial errors. Venice Sunset makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the operation of the site, the information contained therein, the software or products on the site. As permitted by current Italian legislation, Venice Sunset rejects any warranty, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Venice Sunset will not be responsible for damages of any kind deriving from the use of this site, including any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages.

11. Compulsory communication is pursuant to Art. 16 of Law 269/98

The Italian law punishes with imprisonment for crimes related to prostitution and child pornography, even if they are done abroad.

The purchase of stay implies full acceptance of the conditions listed above.