Incentive Travel Rome

Rome is one of the most suitable cities for your incentive travel Rome. It is the eternal city, facing you with its thousand-year history and its countless testimonies, from the ancient ruins to the Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces. It would take pages to list its spectacular masterpieces, such as San Pietro, the Sistine Chapel, and Villa Borghese. Great artists with their works have embellished it to make it one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. But Rome is not only the city with sumptuous monuments, but is also the Eternal City welcoming alleys and squares where you can immerse yourself in ancient atmospheres.

The pulsating beating of the city with our incentive travel Rome

We will let you know the beating heart of this magical city, visiting characteristic districts like Trastevere, where among the narrow alleys you can discover typical Roman trattorias, markets, shops, and artisan shops savoring the genuineness of the most authentic Rome.

We will then let you taste the savory Roman cuisine based on rural ingredients, rich in traditional dishes such as lamb (abbacchio), artichokes (carciofi alla guida), roman tripe, and saltimbocca alla romana (typical meat dish).

With our incentive travel Rome we want to make you absorb its extraordinary magic. We let you appreciate the city how it is revealed in all its authenticity. Because a brand becomes important only through the history, cohesion, and authenticity of those who are part of it.

In Rome, we offer our corporate incentives to make people understand how a village can become an interactive center of a powerful empire. An example that should target any company.

Venice Sunset, operating as a 360-degree events agency, is able to organize an unforgettable incentive in Rome, providing you with the most quoted professionals in the sector. Our consolidated experience will allow the realization of interesting cultural tours combined with fun team building activities, all involving experiences that will culminate in unforgettable gala dinners.

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