Stefano Giacomelli


I studied foreign languages and specialised in SEO digital marketing. I have a commercial background and have worked as a sales manager for national and international brands. Since 2009 I am CEO and founder of Venice Sunset.

My thoughts are as quick as my movements. This has given me the ability to face adverse situations with speed and determination.

Over time, however, I have come to understand that reflection - thinking deeply about an issue or situation - can lead to a greater understanding of oneself, one's feelings and the situations one experiences. Reflection contributes to personal growth and to making more informed decisions.

However, my independent character, free from constraints, has never let me fail in the main value of my life, which is love for my loved ones and friends.

I believe that change is necessary to improve one's skills, values, beliefs and behaviours. I fight every day against the fear of the unknown, the attachment to old habits and the lack of self-confidence, because these are all emotions that hinder my personal growth.

I love contact with nature and the feeling of freedom and lightness it gives me. My long walks in natural surroundings are my meditation practice, which increases my awareness and calmness.

I am grateful for my passion for foreign languages because it has allowed me to discover new countries with different thoughts and visions from my own.