Naples Animations

For the organization of an evening of great class, it is essential to provide an animation that complies with the mood of the event itself. The animation plays an important role, therefore the choice must be careful of course taking into account the specific requests that we receive from the Customer, but especially we, as organizers, must be able to perceive such requests by combining our experience and professionalism by proposing relevant solutions. The location for Naples animations, as an added value, should have a historical theme or inspired by traditions and cult legends that can enhance our Actors in period dresses that will perform performances with the music of other times.

Entertainment for your business with our Naples animations

An example could be a theatrical dinner that combines a theatrical or musical performance during the evening. Dinner with a perfect interaction of theater, music, and entertainment to convey all the guests in exciting emotions during the dinner. Our Actors and Musicians will be able to transmit strong excitement, making a magic atmosphere of the evening with a projection between the past and the present. During the dinner of Naples animations, interactive theatrical activities are planned with performances of theatrical and musical moments. This special evening can be organized with a theme that recalls the history of our classic Neapolitan songs.

The performance of the animations in Naples will be in Italian and English.

For our events, we are able to propose multiple solutions that vary depending on the specific request of the Customer or, in the absence of it, will be proposed by us focusing the core of the evening.

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