Venetian Gardens

Venice many centuries ago was a place of the renowned presence of gardens and botanical gardens. Even today, the city is a cultural den in the field of unpublished herbariums, stories of secret gardens and historical documents treasured in the most beautiful historical buildings of the city. The garden has always represented for Venice a place of secrecy, privacy but also a place of scientific intent with botanical gardens inside. The garden was considered as one of the Venetian singularities until the mid-1800s. Defined at the end of the fifteenth century “the most beautiful road in the world”, the Grand Canal still transmits unparalleled emotions with multiple historical buildings that run along with its entire length. Among the many Venetian palaces of the aristocratic families, there are still today some of them that have beautiful Venetian gardens inside.

The fragrance of the flowers of Venetian gardens

A gala dinner, a brunch or a cocktail in Venice, can be organized outdoors in the period from spring to autumn in a beautiful garden that many buildings and villas have. There are palaces and villas in the city of Venice that are embellished with fantastic gardens that are not visible to the naked eye as they are well hidden from prying eyes, even if most of them are located in the mainland near Venice.

What better location in a summer evening to enjoy a brunch or dinner in an idyllic garden surrounded by picturesque canals, flowers, palms, fruit trees and the calm and romantic atmosphere of the surrounding landscape. There are many locations that offer targeted solutions for every request.

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