Medieval Castles

In the Veneto region and in the adjoining region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, there are many castles, some lying on ancient medieval villages and positioned in strategic areas for which access to the facilitated. The medieval castles are private or used as luxury hotels with spa and beauty farms, renowned restaurants, wineries, wine bars, and lush parks. Many of these medieval castles are located in green and rural areas that enhance the maximum expression of the Veneto or Friuli countryside. A good part of these structures is already equipped to host events, gala dinners, congresses, cocktails and any kind of meeting – besides being located not far from Venice, therefore, with an accessible short journey to reach the lagoon city and have that touch of romance. Then, however, there are other facilities that require the total arrangement of tables, chairs, audio systems, and special catering as they lack a restaurant inside.

Advice on the choice of medieval castles

In addition to our consulting and presence during the evening, we can take care of your guests by providing luxury transportation, qualified staff for assistance during the transfer, guest reception throughout the duration of the event, making the mise en place with targeted and alternative solutions to the usual floral arrangements, as well as providing artists and musicians to cheer your guests so that memory remains impressed in their minds for the coming days.

Relying totally on an agency organizing events in Venice means saving time, worry and money because the proposals will be targeted and in line with the budget that the customer will have available for the event.

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