Incentive Barcelona

Barcelona is the second city in Spain after Madrid. Characterized by an extremely mild climate it is suitable for organizing an incentive Barcelona at any time of the year. It has all the advantages and conveniences of a large metropolis with the added value of looking out over the sea. It differs from all other Spanish cities so much, that with its own reality, it is incomparable. Even Barcelona, like all of Spain, offers a frenetic nightlife that involves you and loads of unique life energy.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is an autonomous community. It is only 150 km from the French border and the Pyrenees mountains. Legend has it that the city was founded by Hannibal’s father. Certainly, it is known that it was founded by the Romans and that starting from the 10th century, thanks to the development of flourishing trade, it began to flourish and became one of the major ports of the Mediterranean. In 1137 the Count became King of Aragon and the city the capital of the Principality of Catalonia. From the 4th century began a period of economic decline that excluded it from the rich trade with the Americas. Only in the 1800s, the city experienced an industrial development of large proportions, which brought wealth and allowed it to extend and embellish. After the civil war, it was subjected to harsh repression for having strenuously defended the republic.

Incentive Barcelona in the eclectic world of Gaudì

In Barcelona, you begin to discover the Barrio Gotico, a neighborhood that developed in the Middle Ages and still presents the Roman urban structure that extends in a myriad of narrow streets. It is one of the most mysterious and fascinating places in the city that, with the decline of the evening, comes alive with the typical nightlife. But what Barcelona represents is the Rambla, symbol of the modernization of the 1800s, considered the temple of commerce in the city. Naturally, the symbol of Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia, a modernist work by the genius of Gaudì. The eclectic artist left an indelible mark even with the construction of some rich bourgeois houses such as Casa Battlò and Casa Milà. Definitely do not miss the alternative and vital district of Barceloneta (ancient Barrio of fishermen).

Summarizing in a few words the reasons for organizing your incentive Barcelona is almost impossible, it would take pages and pages of careful writing. What we can say in a few lines … share with us the love for Spain and have fun organizing a corporate incentive with us in Barcelona!

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