Incentive Sevilla

Every time we organize a new company incentive in Sevilla the heart is filled with joy. We deeply love this beautiful city that always knows how to give us new emotions. It will be the charm of southern Spain, with its culture rich in tradition and fusion of peoples, it will be its time characterized by light and shining sun, it will be its food and its incomparable monuments … and incentive Sevilla is unique and unparalleled.

Incentive Sevilla to discover the Iberian peninsula

Built on the banks of the Guadalquivir, Sevilla is located in the southwestern part of the Iberian peninsula. It is considered the fourth largest city in Spain for the number of its inhabitants exceeding 1,500,000. Besides being a significant cultural and artistic center, it is also a city with a very important economic and social fabric, therefore perfect for organizing a corporate incentive.

Tratessi were the first inhabitants followed for a brief period by the Carthaginians and then passed under the dominion of the Romans who made the whole Florida area with its center in Italica. In 712 the whole region became an Arab caliphate with capital Cordoba, only in 1147 with the Almohad dynasty did Sevilla become the capital. In 1248 Ferdinand III of Castile reconquered the city by Christianizing it and electing it the seat of the court, thus began the transformation of all the mosques into churches. A new period of splendor Sevilla met with the discovery of the Americas and with the creation of Casa de Contratactiòn which held the monopoly of the goods that came from the Americas. With the occasion of the 1992 Universal Exposition, a part of the city was completely renovated in an avant-garde style.

The splendid architecture of Seville with Islamic influences

With this brief description of the history of Sevilla, it is easy to see how the architecture of the city has developed with a unique style. It is almost impossible to describe the emotion one feels in front of works such as the majestic and imposing Cathedral of Sevilla (the largest Gothic cathedral built on the foundations of the Aljama mosque) or the refined Alcazar, a splendid example of Mudejar architecture (fascinating style with Islamic influences). For your incentive trip to Seville unmissable are the Alcazar gardens also in Arabic style then revisited in a Renaissance style; it is like being inside a small paradise where you can walk among ponds, terraces, and elegant fountains.

During your incentive in Sevilla, we will dive together in the perennial festive atmosphere that characterizes it, going through its typical streets and parks. We will be overwhelmed by the spectacle and sensuality of flamenco and the delight of tapas in typical taverns.

Sevilla awaits us!!!!

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