Treasure Hunt Rome

As a result of the team game we propose, there will be a better bond within the team. It also ensures a greater competitive spirit between the different groups taking part in our Treasure Hunt Rome.

To make sure that all the participants are happy, our actors will constantly look after them to ensure a better performance of this fantastic game, all up to their professionalism.

Ghost Tour with our treasure hunt Rome

Participants will have to carefully follow the instructions of our actors, who will be portraying the ghosts of famous characters from Rome’s history.

To meet a new character, the participants, divided into teams, will have to understand what the next stage of the tour will entail.

At the end of the treasure hunt, the winners will find a nice prize at the end of the Treasure Hunt Rome.

As our guide will never leave the participants alone, the experience will be even more memorable: seeing Rome’s monuments in a new light.

In the streets and alleys leading from the Pantheon to the Castel Sant’Angelo, our guests will find a forgotten but still very evocative Rome during this wonderful experience.

But beware, to enter the magic of the Eternal City, you could meet Alexander VI^ or learn the secrets of Umberto I°.

And who will not be amazed by the stories told by Pimpaccia and Beatrice Cenci?

Be scary…..

Watch your shoulders: do not “miss your head” at Mastro Titta!

Mastro Titta was a historical figure associated with the ancient Roman art of execution. He performed it in public. His nickname “Mastro Titta” comes from the word “mastrotta”, which means “master” or “chief executioner” in Roman dialect.

The figure of Mastro Titta is shrouded in mystery and legend. He is said to have been a man of great skill in his craft, who tried to make executions as quick and painless as possible for the condemned. According to contemporary accounts, he was known for his coolness and composure during executions.

The Treasure Hunt in Rome will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

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