Mystery Dinner Party

The mystery dinner party in Rome combines gourmet dinner with theatrical and investigative activities.

As guests eat dinner in an atmospheric setting, usually a restaurant or a dedicated location, a story of crime and mystery unfolds simultaneously.

The actors play characters linked to the mystery and move between the tables of the guests, interacting with them and providing clues about the plot.

During the evening, guests are encouraged to investigate and solve the case. By collecting clues and formulating hypotheses, they attempt to identify the culprit.

Murder mystery dinners offer a fun and engaging experience, ideal for an evening out of the ordinary. They are suitable for groups of friends, couples, corporate events or private parties.

The goal of this funny mystery dinner party in Rome is to increase motivation, confidence, and determination of the participants so that they can handle it in the most suitable way and with the least traumatic problems that occur every day in the various offices or departments of the Companies, in order to optimize at best with a reduction in costs by the Company.

Assuming the role of investigators, participants will have the opportunity to think logically and rationally to solve the enigma even under stress.

More often than not, this is what happens in companies during certain periods of the year when employees are required to face and solve any issue. A company is required to realize new samples, orders, deliveries, etc., with maximum clarity, timeliness, and to make mistakes as little as possible otherwise it will be too costly to rectify.

Mystery Dinner Party: Searching the clue

Our famous formula for the mystery dinner party in Rome will surely succeed! The participants, divided into teams, will have the chance to memorize precious clues in order to figure out who the killer is. This will be accomplished with a delicious dinner prepared with care.

Diners will not only witness our Commissioner’s interrogation, but also interact with the suspects. The Commissioner will personally check the results of the investigations of each group deciding on the winners. Prizes will be awarded to the best investigators!

This format as well as being fun for all participants is also very interactive as it leads people to formulate real analyses during the evening.

Duration: about 2 hours.

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