Cultural Team Building

Keeping with the non-competitive team building formats, we have designed a cultural team building to learn about architecture, history, and culture of our beautiful Italian cities.

The principle is based on the concept of active learning and the flipped classroom. Have you ever heard of the flipped classroom?

It is an educational methodology that questions the learning cycle made up of frontal lessons. Home study and classroom checks. This method was born after observing the abyss that was being created between most of the school world and society.

This learning method involves listening at home and applying what you hear in the classroom. Classroom work seeks to develop skills such as: understanding – applying – evaluating – creating.

In this context, the individual assumes a centrality that did not occur in traditional teaching methods.

Trainers assist individuals and groups in working toward a common goal.

How can these innovative methods be inserted into cultural team building?

Basically, we try to stimulate the desire to know in the participants of the team building activity. We therefore try to involve the group emotionally, because without involvement there is no learning.

Take advantage of our cultural team building services to build your documentary

Only through active participation in deepening a topic can curiosity be kept alive, which is also the lifeblood of any interest.

Already immersed in the historical and architectural context of a city of art, the participants, helped by their electronic devices, will build the itinerary and their documentary themselves.

The themes may concern architecture, painting, sculpture, and many other topics.

During this team building experience there will be a tutor who will have the task of supporting the group during the creative process.

This team building can be done in the following cities: Venice, Verona, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Brescia, Bergamo, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Naples.

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