Incentive Morocco

If you are thinking of an out of the ordinary incentive, we recommend that you rely on us. In addition to the usual traditional destinations, we at Venice Sunset, a super-awarded incentive house for the themes and destinations proposed for the most famous corporate organizations in the world, offer out-of-the-ordinary destinations but, above all, experiences that are generally not taken into consideration for incentive Morocco travel.

Among the many Countries, for some years we have also been proposing Morocco. Tradition, art and magic are among the many reasons that led us to suggest this destination as a motivational encounter.

Motivational corporate incentive Morocco

Morocco is an extraordinary country located in the western part of North Africa. It has a varied territory ranging from the Saharan dunes to the splendid peaks of the High Atlas to finish on the Atlantic coast. A place of boundless landscapes surrounded by clear air that enlivens the colours and where the nights take on a particular atmosphere under a clear and magical starry sky.

In Morocco, we can visit the most fascinating medinas on the African continent. Ancient centres that were located on the routes of the caravan routes travelled by traders and nomads with their loads of precious goods. The most important are Fès (with the largest medina in Africa). The old city is made up of a myriad of alleys where only their inhabitants know how to move safely. Fès is a noble city, where there is a very important centre of Islamic studies and where you can find fine craftsmanship.

Not to mention the famous pink city of Marrakech, in fact, the earthen ramparts that surround it are presented with this colour. It has always been a destination for artists and intellectuals who often returned or even moved there attracted by its charm. The atmosphere that you breathe is unique. Next to the traditional Souq and the very famous Jemaa el-Fna, elegant shops have sprung up that conveys the charm of tradition mixed with modernity.

These are just small descriptions to make you understand the beauty of a country that preserves its rich tradition but which is also projected towards a great future. The kindness and refinement of its people will surely be elements that will give you an indelible memory that you will keep for the rest of your life with our incentive Morocco.

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