Spiritual Retreat: Shamanic Experience In Morocco

If you have never experienced a spiritual retreat; that is a shamanic experience in the Moroccan desert, it’s time to do it!!

Once the fire was the only source of light and heat. The man sat around the fire under the starry sky to cook food and to warm himself from the colds of the night. Sitting around this primordial element meant resting after a day of hunting and hard work.

It was a ritual that inspired security and tranquillity in a natural environment full of dangers and pitfalls. A moment dedicated to the rest of the mind and body – a moment that induced meditation.

Lighting the fire meant stopping the daily work activities and disconnect completely. A moment in which everything was cut off to allow us to get in touch with our inner world.

A spiritual retreat with shamanic experience in the Moroccan desert for a unique and successful corporate incentive

In our spiritual retreat, we recreate these magical atmospheres and establish moments of symbiosis with the ardour of the flames.

With the arrival of electric lighting, we have totally lost the feeling of being in front of a flame.

Modern life has led us to be continually inattentive by an infinite number of external stimuli. The world of entertainment (especially TV and the internet) is so full of offers that the moments dedicated to ourselves, to our inner aspirations and to our peace practically do not exist anymore.

Sitting around the fire watching the flames burning in the silence of the desert can lead us back to that inner peace that we have completely lost.

We learned this ancient rite directly from the Berber tribes who were able to keep these rituals alive. We will teach you these techniques by sitting all together around flames, alternating ancient songs and dances to free the spirit, followed by intense meditation to keep us present in the experience. We will listen to the silence of the desert and with bare feet, we will feel the sand passing on magical energies that have been running inside it for millennia.

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