Incentive Naples

Naples is messy, chaotic … elegant. “See Naples and then die”, says the famous saying. And it is really true. You arrive and its chaos upsets you, but as soon as you start living it conquers you. Incentive Naples is the ideal solution to discover its particular and wonderful views such as Posillipo that as you arrive you remain enchanted by the view of the gulf dominated by the regal grandeur of Vesuvius. Its alleys, so neatly chaotic, are the mirror of the soul of the Neapolitan people whose elegance is enveloping and reassuring but, above all, intriguing.

Incentive Naples for the enhancement of your brand

That’s why Naples is the ideal city for the headquarters of your corporate incentive.

A unique place to open your soul and strengthen cohesion and communication between human resources. The light and the intense colors of Naples will favor the strengthening of relationships. If the incentive rules are to create, excite, entertain, motivate and remember; here you will achieve your goal.

An incentive trip to Naples must also include cultural visits. We will let you know its history and its monuments, including artisan shops and local markets without forgetting Castel Nuovo, known as Maschio Angioino, Galleria Umberto I and Piazza del Plebiscito.

We will also let you discover his contemporaneity. Because the metro in Naples is not as anonymous as almost all of them are, but it is a permanent contemporary art installation and the Toledo station has been defined as the most beautiful metro station in Europe.

Our task is to accompany you in discovering this enchanted atmosphere. Every moment will be unique and unrepeatable. The memory that you will keep of the days spent in Naples will give you the positive energy to strengthen your teamwork.

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