Team building orienteering is essential to fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

By organizing team building activities geared towards specific goals and objectives, companies can reap many benefits

The benefits of Team Building orienteering

One of the main benefits is improved communication. Through carefully designed activities, group members are encouraged to communicate effectively, listen actively and express their thoughts and ideas. Better communication fosters trust and understanding, resulting in better collaboration and problem solving.

When employees participate in team building activities, they often feel more motivated and involved in their work. Such activities provide a break from the routine and allow for camaraderie and shared purpose.

Team building is a valuable investment for companies looking to increase profitability. By designing activities that align with specific goals and objectives, companies can harness team building power to drive success and achieve desired results.

Hiking on the Euganean Hills

It is an effective outdoor activity that tests navigational skills and strategic thinking. The Euganean Hills, located near Padua, offer a perfect setting for orienteering challenges.

Participants follow unfamiliar terrain using a map and/or a compass. They will have to reach specific checkpoints in the shortest possible time, using their own orientation skills and teamwork.

This activity promotes effective communication, decision making and problem solving skills.

Participants are divided into teams. It’s imperative to ensure that each team has a mix of skills and abilities to encourage collaboration and problem solving.

Before the orienteering activity starts, the participants receive a map showing the location of the checkpoints and the route they have to follow. To determine their direction correctly, participants must understand how to read and interpret the map.

In order to build a successful team, effective communication is essential. Each checkpoint must be reached by strategizing and discussing routes. Making quick decisions, adapting to unexpected challenges, and staying on track require them to work together.

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