Treasure Hunt – Florence The Cradle of the Renaissance

We are at the Medici court in 1500. Eleonora di Toledo, the wife of Cosimo I de Medici, cannot locate the splendid necklace she received from Cosimo I on her wedding day. Are you ready to unveil the plot with this treasure hunt?

The court is upset: who is plotting against the Duke family? Is anyone to blame?

Duke of Florence feuds plot revenge for being excluded from power and organize a rebellion to chase him out of the city.

The psychology of intrigue is fully explored here. The person who made the jewel disappear was surely capable of creating an ambiguous, dark and opaque situation. Someone who knows how to weave webs where victims fall unawares.

The spirit of a group of people who work in a company, here is compared to the spirit of citizens who care about safeguarding the good governance of their city. As a result, they are ready to form teams to solve the situation by studying and implementing a strategy to uncover the culprits.

Our treasure hunt in Florence provided cohesion and training

The team-building exercise that we organize in the streets of Florence is an opportunity to train and entertain because by playing and having fun, we can acquire or reaffirm values that in other situations are difficult to achieve.

Participants explore the city by crossing its squares, streets, and important neighbourhoods as part of the task of the treasure hunt. With the most significant historical testimonies of the Renaissance in Florence, the city is the cradle of the Renaissance. The Florentine bankers lent their money to the rulers of all Europe because it was a financial and mercantile power.

What better scenario to organize a fun team building activity to strengthen the team spirit. Participants keep indelible and unforgettable memories of their day spent playing and admiring monuments of extraordinary beauty.

Approximately 2 hours.

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