Florence Wine Tours

For a successful team building, we have thought of offering you an impressive Florence wine tours through the beautiful streets of the city. A tour, which not only delights your palate but also it will involve you to know the streets that have become famous around the world the city of Florence, in addition, of course, to make you discover the best Palaces of the Florentine Renaissance. The wine tours will be conducted by our local collaborators in Florence as well as by specialized multilingual guides.

Suggestive Florence wine tours

The nectar of the Gods involved in a journey through the streets of the city, curiosity, history and good taste create along with a unique flavor. We visit the tabernacles of the wine scattered around the city, places of family wine tradition, the famous “buchette del vino”, you will know Bacchus and know the story related to him by deepening the close link between this product and the city of Florence. Usually, we end the tour with a tasting of “schiacciata con l’uva”, a typical Tuscan cake prepared at the time of harvest, all accompanied by a glass of wine. Any tastings can be arranged according to your budget and needs.

For the most demanding, we can offer the best Tuscan wines such as Chianti DOCG, Bolgheri DOC, the noble of Montepulciano or Brunello di Montepulciano as well as other famous labels of the Tuscan hinterland. A tasting of typical wines accompanied by light appetizers such as crostini di fegatini, coccole (fried pasta with stracchino and raw ham) crostini with pecorino cheese, pears and honey and bruschetta with carpaccio, rocket, and parmesan, plus an expert winemaker who will explain the main characteristics of each wine in addition to the area of origin.

Wine team building in Florence

The wines selected from our cellar are introduced, explained and tasted, ranging from brief and simple notions of enology to enography; all seasoned with a few anecdotes that make the experience even more streamlined and pleasant.

  • Distinguish the origin of the wine being tasted;
  • Distinguish between blending styles and grape varieties;
  • Distinguish between young and aged wines and their age;
  • How to properly taste wine;
  • The structure of the wine;
  • How to combine wine (red, white, rosé) with the right dish;
  • And so on…….
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