Treasure Hunt Florence

The treasure hunt Florence is an engaging and fun activity for team building.

It offers customizable routes depending on the starting and ending point. This adds flexibility to the experience, allowing the group to adapt the route to their needs.

Licensed tour guides will lead the game, as they can provide informative information about the city and the points of interest touched upon during the treasure hunt. This makes the experience not only fun but also educational, allowing participants to learn something new about Florence’s history and culture.

Cohesion and fun with our Florence treasure hunt

The group will be divided into teams. Each group will be provided with a map with the path traced and the questions to solve a crossword puzzle.

The contestants, as soon as they know the answer to our question, will have to go up to a specific point to answer. For each correct answer, one point will be awarded to determine the winning team.

This encourages collaboration and teamwork, as members must pool their knowledge to answer questions and complete them in the shortest time possible.

The ability to customize the route according to the customer’s needs is an additional advantage. This allows you to tailor the experience to the group’s preferences and include specific places of interest or particular themes.

It is possible to use electric bicycles, city bicycles, mountain bicycles, tandems and Segways to add fun and adventure to the treasure hunt. Participants can choose the means of transport they prefer and enjoy a walk through the most famous squares, streets and neighborhoods of Florence. In addition, they can search for answers to questions.

In the end, scavenger hunt in Florence is an immersive experience that fosters teamwork, fun, and learning.

It’s an excellent way to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world and strengthen bonds within the group.

There is about a two-hour time frame.

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