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stefanoVenice Sunset, as events planner, was set up in 2009 based on a precise project conceived by the founders Alberto Nalesso and Stefano Giacomelli.

This project is based on a form of consultancy that is not limited to developing a corporate event but to build a real path that begins with the analysis of preferences, expectations, and the time available of the people who contact us to develop together a goal to be achieved, as in a life path to be covered in stages.

As a matter of fact, we are a private event company for the whole Italian and European territory that offers solutions aimed at specific customer needs.

Your trustworthy events planner in Italy and Europe

Connoisseurs of an elegant and simple lifestyle, for us the creation of Venice Sunset – as events planner – meant the creation of a new expression of luxury and different ways of experiencing it. The conception of the studied emotional paths does not reflect the idea of a traditional luxury but of a maniacal refinement of rare details that can also be found in the simplicity of local traditions. We base ourselves on the client’s needs and interests – therefore, we make our experience and psychology available, which are essential for organizing tailor-made events.

Before this new and exciting adventure, we had quite heterogeneous work experiences both in Italy and abroad, experiences that began in the world of personalized travel, marketing and organization of private events.

We create emotions to share

Additionally, such a path has been fertile ground for the cultivation of all those skills that we now need to propose ourselves as life-style suggesters.

Basically, we are energetic and positive people who every day transmit their passion and enthusiasm to their collaborators to create that indispensable synergy so that each job is perfect, different from the previous one, but above all has made the customer dream and experience unique sensations!!

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