Incentive Travel

An important element – often underestimated – of incentive travel is the cultural tour. Instead we think that it is an integral part of the experiential training project and that it should always be combined with any team building activity. The importance of the cultural tour grew at the end of the seventeenth century when the young people of the ruling classes were sent by their families to learn about the history and traditions of other countries to complete their cultural preparation.

Incentive travel created on the company’s brand

Knowledge of the history and architecture of other times and of other countries was considered a fundamental element to give individuals a competitive advantage that would have distinguished them from others.

Venice Sunset has always paid close attention to the organization of the tour during the incentive experience. We think that the authenticity of a place is determined by history, art, architecture, culinary tradition and religion. All these expressions that distinguish the dimension of a community must be handed down to individuals from other places – so that, the knowledge of difference, can only enrich and open the mind of the subjects who live and work within a company.

Our incentive travel is created on specific themes depending on the sector in which the company is specialized. The tour will always be contextualized through the search for historical elements that bring the company’s products and services back to the place where the incentive takes place.

Our constant commitment and our ability to design bespoke creative tours allow us to give a distinctive touch to your incentive event. For all our working team, to know is to discover; knowledge and discovery are formidable tools for growth.

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