Gala Dinner In Venice – Corporate Christmas Dinner

The Christmas season is the right time to organize a corporate gala dinner in Venice. When the streets are festively decorated and the weather gets cooler, that typical atmosphere begins to be created that makes the minds warmer and more willing to find themselves in intimate, elegant and welcoming environments. It is the ideal time to bring together all the company forces to spend unforgettable hours and celebrate the successes achieved during the year. It is also the ideal time to strengthen the cohesion of the group and a moment of encounter between management and all company resources.

The choice of location, menu, and entertainment requires professionalism and experience. We, at Venice Sunset, have been taking care of this for many years and are therefore able to organize a splendid and unforgettable event. For the occasion, we study haute cuisine menus that recall traditional flavors. We set up elegant scenographies with simple floral decorations, but at the same sought after, which express through the language of flowers all that we want to communicate during the evening.

Every year during the Christmas period very important companies rely on us to organize their Christmas dinners in Venice. Surely the city offers a unique setting that allows you to create an atmosphere that recalls the lavish parties that the ancient nobility organized. Finely frescoed rooms will frame your event, making it unique and unforgettable.

Gala dinner in Venice with ancient melodies

Surely the entertainment during a Christmas gala dinner is essential. We can organize interventions with costumed actors or musicians who, during the event, delight guests with ancient and contemporary melodies; or set up casinos with the classic games in vogue during the Serenissima to spend happy moments. To complete the evening, we create moments completely dedicated to the wildest dances.

As an event agency in Venice, on the day of the gala dinner, we also propose team building activities such as a traditional treasure hunt or interesting cultural tours to discover the most important monuments of the city.

What can we say .. We can guarantee that, on your way back, wrapped in the darkness of the night, crossing the canals inside small motorboats, you will realize the uniqueness of the moments lived during an elegant company gala dinner in Venice.

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