Venice Shooting

The perfect setting

The city of Venice with its unique canals and glimpses is a natural setting for the production of music video clips, cinemas, scenic settings and photographic shooting of any kind. Not to mention the greatest international films and music videos ever made in Venice, and every year the demand is increasingly growing for this kind of accomplishments with highly-rated Directors who set their scenery in different areas of the city or even on the mainland far away from Venice where there are small breathtaking villages set among woods and hills, as well as landscaped areas of absolute beauty ideal for the representation of any film scene of Venice shooting.

The most appropriate Venice shooting

Our Office offers all technical and logistic support such as the supply of gondola, water taxi and any other type of boats or land vehicles for the support of your Venice shooting, as well as various personnel, plus our specific advice on the matter and our watchful eye so that your shooting must be perfect. Dealing with this type of service, there are several documents that must be requested from the City of Venice and from the various licensing Offices in order to be able to work with the Venice Films.

Our event planner will be able to indicate the strategic points of the city for your shooting and advise you on every type of need you may have as well as providing professional assistance throughout the shooting with staff on-site that will solve immediately any problematic.

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