Gondola shooting Venice

Gondola shooting Venice as a unique scenario for the realization of movies in the beautiful open-air set that only the city of Venice can offer. Many Italians and foreigners filmmakers in every season of the year decide to shoot in different parts of the city as well as in one of the many surrounding islands full of beauty and history. The film set made ​​aboard a gondola is striking and unique and allows to shooting from hidden points that would otherwise impossible for motor vehicles to reach.

The perfect gondola shooting Venice

Each shooting is different and requires different attention, for this reason, most of them need special permission released by the City Hall or from any other Office in town. We can also advise you about all these papers according to the shooting you have to make as well as informing about the most interesting areas as well as offering you the most appropriate staff for the set. The right-shooting can just be made in this city during sunrise or sunset or in some places which are still nowadays outside the boundaries of tourism and where only a local resident knows and may inform you about with right and precise information.

For any shooting on the gondola where the gondolier’s face is needed, the customer needs a special authorization signed by the gondolier allowing his/her portrait; there are very few gondoliers who permit this. In addition to the gondolas, we are able to offer you motor-launch with adequate personnel that support the gondola during the shooting.

Relying on the advice of a professional agency such as ours for the realization of events gives a guarantee of reliability for any work to be performed as we rely on suppliers and staff of undoubted morality, with efficient and latest generation means of transport, in addition to the fact that we are able to solve immediately any problem that may arise.

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