Incentive Venice

“To be irreplaceable you must always be different” Coco Chanel – Do you want your incentive Venice to be an unforgettable experience? So you have to do it in the city of lagoons!

Unique, irreplaceable, slow and complicated, it can be compared to a lover who can give you unique sensations. This is why Venice is the ideal city for the organization of your company trip.

It is not easy to explain the feeling you get when you cross the canals and admire the ancient buildings reflected on the water. It is equally impossible to describe the spectacle of a sunset on the lagoon when the blue and the fiery red envelop the whole city, enhancing its mystery and majesty.

For centuries, Venice has been a model of political, economic and commercial administration. Its naval fleet dominated the Adriatic transporting spices and precious fabrics that were then sold throughout Europe.

Wise ideas from the past to create an effective corporate incentive in Venice

Our corporate incentive in Venice is born from these ideas: present, past and future. Let’s start from the precious teachings of our fathers: ancient and wise rules that can be applied in the current context.

Whatever kind of team building activity you want to organize in Venice, it will be unique. Yhis is because it will take place in an original scenario. A simple treasure hunt in the streets and squares will be much more interesting.

Any kind of evening event, whether it is a gala dinner in a historical building or a dinner in a typical restaurant, will make you relive the ancient flavours that only Venice – the city without cars – can evoke.

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