Minuet Dance

Ancient Origins

The minuet dance is a great companion and fun tool that boasts very ancient origins since it is considered a great form of communication and union that can successfully excite our emotions and fears. This ancient French folk dance of the XVII century was only in the years to come, accepted and implemented in the aristocratic world to become, within a very short time, the most famous and popular court dance. A dance originated by musical rhythms with the repetition of gentle movements.

Organization of proper minuet dance for your event

Participants of the minuet, with the help of professional actors and dancers, will have to try to create this very ancient and beautiful dance in order to make a dancing body with choreography to reproduce and resynthesize the ancient Aristocratic courts. Two pairs of dancers and a master of ceremonies in costume will be produced in a demonstration of one of the most famous dances typical of Venetian festivals of the 18th century. Subsequently, they will involve guests in the dance by teaching them some basic footprints on the notes of the famous Minochet of Boccherini.

This minuet dance is suitable for animating every kind of event as it manages to involve many people.

Before each event, our event staff ensures that everything is set up to perfection and that the execution of each activity is maniacally perfect so that guests will be dazzled. For the duration of the event, there will be people from our office who will be present on-site for any need.

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