Villas in Venice

Just a few kilometers away from Venice, there are some of the beautiful Venetian villas that have been lovingly restored to ancient splendor, embellished with antique stucco, tapestries, antique furniture, chandeliers and other objects of absolute prestige, as well as gardens surrounded by secular trees and pools built over time. Over the centuries, many of these villas in Venice have belonged to the rich Venetian aristocracy that during the summer came to the mainland with all the servants to spend moments of peace and relaxation.

Peaceful canals nearby

Many villas are located near ponds, canals, fields, and woods that enhance their importance, as well as being hidden and protected from indiscreet glances thus suitable for the realization of any event because all the area around the villas is well protected by hedges and alarm systems.

A unique event at villas in Venice

The villas in Venice vary from the most rigorous to the most mundane with costs that are practically accessible to everyone because that depends on the villa you will choose.

Our experience and professionalism will help you choose the most suitable villa for your event; besides, we can think of transportation programming, catering, guest care staff, evening entertainment with the proposal of different artists, games and any other entertainment you will like to have.

Rely on our advice with industry professionals who are constantly looking for new ideas and new solutions to offer our customers so that each event is unique and different from the previous one. Obviously we have the right solution even for those who do not have a large budget always proposing beautiful locations.

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