Alassio Italy

The Railway Station in Liberty Style

Alassio Italy is a popular seaside resort located in the western province of Savona in Liguria. The old town is characterized by ancient buildings like the Palace of Marquis Ferrero, Palazzo Brea, Morteo Palace, and Palazzo Scoferri, in addition to the train station in Liberty Style embellished with original decor and furnishings.

The Parish of St. Ambrose dating from the fifteenth century, was built on a tenth-century building with paintings by Giovanni Andrea De Ferrari and Bernardo Castello. The Church of the Santissima Annunziata in Solva since 1382, has been restored after a century with frescoes illustrating the seven deadly sins and hell. The Sanctuary two hundred of the Blessed Virgin Mary located on Mount Tirasso of the name of the Madonna della Guardia.

The wall of Alassio (muretto) is known for the beauty contest which is traditionally held every summer with the tiles of the walk signed by famous people of the sports and entertainment.

The seaside of Alassio Italy has a length of almost four kilometers and is embellished with beaches having fine sand composed of quartz, silicates and calcareous material and seabed that goes down slowly, an ideal place for sunbathing and relaxation. Alassio has a marina with a capacity of four hundred berths and excellent services are available for sports lovers.

Alassio Italy, an area of high conservation value

The surrounding places of Alassio are of the highest natural and historical value. The ancient Via Julia Augusta is totally passable with the possibility of visiting the ancient hamlets of Santa Croce and Solva, or you can walk along the twenty-five marked paths that go back to the hills.