Sea, mountains and green hills

The Riviera of Flowers of Sanremo is part of the Riviera Ligure di Ponente, extending from the City of Andora to the border with France, after Ventimiglia in Liguria. The whole area is mesmerized by the sea, the mountains, lush green hills and beautiful valleys with forests that extend from the inland to the sea, thus shaping bays and coves, cliffs overlooking the sea and beautiful sandy beaches.

Cervo, Sanremo and Diano Marina, located near the coast, are popular tourist resorts that attract many tourists every year. Inside, there are the medieval villages with their history, legends, beauty, and tranquility as the villages of Triora, Apricale, Dolceacqua, Pigna and Bussana Vecchia that, in the past, inspired poets and painters of the nineteenth century.

For lovers of art and culture, there are theaters, museums, historic palaces, baroque churches, old mills and trattorias of the Ligurian countryside where you can taste the typical products made ​​by hand. This part of Liguria, is also renowned for its music festivals such as the city of Sanremo, humor as the center of Bordighera and street arts, as the center of Imperia.

Prehistoric finds in Sanremo

Many are the archaeological finds belonging to prehistoric times such as the caves of Balzi Rossi, or Roman artifacts such as the Teatro Romano of Ventimiglia. The area is also rich in villas located near the sea and protected by hills and numerous medieval towns perched on the mountains, with the typical stone houses, small streets with cobblestone pavement, the bell tower at the top and a ruined castle which embellish it and make it unique in its kind.