Scenery overlooking the sea

The peninsula of Sorrento in Campania covers nine municipalities located in the Province of Naples and twelve in the Province of Salerno. The landscape of unparalleled beauty is nestled between hills and mountains that with expert human touch have been transformed into cozy terraces that thrive onto the sea.

Meta, Piano di Sorrento, St. Agnello, Sorrento, and Massa Lubrense, are real gems of the Mediterranean. Meta and its pristine beaches, Piano di Sorrento located between the Gulf of Salerno and Naples that blends its maritime identity united with that of the commercial center with its narrow streets lined by tall mountain cliffs overlooking the sea; St. Agnello reflecting its beauty on the sea has been able to guard for decades the royal house of Bourbon and principles from all over Europe who have made ​​dream homes; Sorrento and its international reputation; Massa Lubrense overlooking Capri with its natural oasis immortalized among ancient farmhouses, archaeological sites, and landscapes of an emerald sea.

The flavors of Sorrento

There are various delicatessen ranging from the mozzarella of Agerola, provolone del Monaco, pizza by the meter, the Gragnano pasta over the lemons of Sorrento and Amalfi and first courses created with the precious fruit of the lemon to finish with the delicious limoncello and babas in limoncello.

All countries have ancient origins and jealously guard a prestigious cultural heritage such as churches, neoclassical villas, archaeological museums, palaces with courtyards from the eighteenth century and ancient boroughs as well as idyllic beaches for excellence tourism having the utmost respect for the surrounding environment.