Laughter Yoga Naples

Every day a considerable pressure is experienced by Executives of each company in order to increase productivity and revenue and respond effectively to the global market competition. All this, however, translates with the constant increase of many diseases, a consequent increase in costs by the Company and the poor performance of each worker. The laughter Yoga Naples that we offer increases the productivity and energy of your employees, encourages teamwork, strengthens self-esteem and, consequently, leadership, as well as helping to improve interpersonal relationships at all organizational levels, replacing the lack of confidence with a positive attitude towards colleagues and subordinates.

Effective and fun team-building with laughter yoga Naples

A team that does not cooperate, nor has common objectives or communicate adequately, will have certain difficulties of interaction with the internal and the external world. Laughter is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with your colleagues and make a strong connection with the people you laugh with habitually. The laugh makes you overcome differences and allows you to feel part of something bigger. The new science of emotions has revealed surprising facts about human communication. In recent decades, a revolutionary discovery shows that the human brain has special nerve cells called “mirror neurons” that mimic the behavior and emotions of the people we interact with. For example, if you see someone who is sad, you start feeling sad. If someone smiles at you, it happens that you smile in turn, even without wanting it. If we are surrounded by happy people, the happiness of the group affects everyone. If there are grumpy people around, your energy risks going down. One of the most important parts of team building is to support a positive environment so that it can improve the group’s energy. This technique helps to release physical, mental and emotional stress and, at the same time, helps people to feel better quickly with the consequent increase in productivity and lower cost for the Companies.

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