Masaniello Uprising

The Masaniello uprising of 1647 was a popular insurrection in Naples. The revolt was led by Masaniello, a fisherman who became the leader of the Neapolitan people during the fight against Spanish rule.

The revolt quickly spread throughout Naples and its surroundings. Masaniello and his followers controlled the city. They demanded the removal of the viceroy and the establishment of an independent government that represented the people’s interests.

The Spanish authorities were taken aback by the revolt and initially attempted to negotiate with Masaniello. However, as the revolt continued, the Spanish used force to suppress it.

Now one million people live in the city, which is on the verge of starvation. Only the people pay taxes exempting the nobles.

After ten days of protests, the government must accept angry people’s demands.

Masaniello Uprising led by a number of forces

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Teams will be formed for the Masaniello’s uprising scavenger hunt, and they will have to cross the intriguing alleys of Naples’ historic center, including Spaccanapoli, to accomplish their tasks. This process will involve them identifying with a variety of historical figures and improvising scenes.

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