Naples Cooking Classes

Preparing a menu requires the same skills and capabilities needed for a workgroup within a business organization. The features to be developed are creativity, diligence, and group spirit. Our job will be to develop a forge of talents committed to a common result. The main focus of the work will be to enhance the individual’s abilities to merge together with the strength of the group. Choosing to take part in Naples cooking classes will allow, in addition to the development of the above-mentioned themes, to learn about the millennial culinary tradition of the Neapolitan cuisine. The roots of the Neapolitan cuisine dates back to Roman times and grew up in the following centuries enriching all the influences of the populations that had dominated it.

Creativity with Naples cooking classes

This team-building helps you to enter the world of creativity and fantasy typical of the city of Naples as it will take place in the heart of the city between squares and alleys that make even more evocative the elaboration of a plate, plus the location is easy to reach by the participants. The dishes prepared reflect the typical Neapolitan tradition made of simple ingredients but at the same, they exalt the taste of each preparation. Once the dishes are ready, we can eat altogether for the joy of everybody.

Naples cooking classes can be done into English, French, Spanish and German, and all recipes of dishes will be given to the participants translated into their own language so that, once returned back home, they can prepare them by using the same ingredients easily found in their own Country.

We provide:

  • Proper location
  • Assistance provided by qualified personnel
  • Number of people: minimum 10 – maximum 100
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