Sailing Lessons

The regatta with sailing lessons is considered one of the most efficient competitive training means since in the same boat it is possible to recreate a company setting as if all the participants were inside their offices with their relative skills to perform. Through the sailing competition, the components of the sailing team building are entrusted with the precise tasks that the same, obviously, must be able to perform in the shortest time and contextually in the best possible way.

Leadership skills with sailing lessons in Naples

The participation and commitment of all the participants are necessary because even the smallest detail requires careful attention from everyone. Onboard a strong cohesion is created between the various teams in order to reach the goal with strength and enthusiasm. Immediately, emerge the leadership skills of the most motivated and determined people who also encourage the harmony of the most fragile people; rigor, discipline, and confidence in themselves and in the group because the sailing activity is very complex and requires a strong involvement in order to obtain tangible results so that the boat does not go adrift.

The harmony of a team is born and develops within the same boat through a preparatory phase of training by the Skippers for the creation of a motivated crew or company team. Subsequently, the same technique can be set also in the business environment as it is the competition that makes people great.

Sailing lessons can accommodate up to five hundred people with seven or thirty meters sailboats.

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