Mosel Riesling Wine

If you want to plan an incentive outside traditional schemes, choose the Mosel Riesling wine route in Germany. We recommend the uniqueness of this territory for the beautiful view of the terraces where the famous white grapevine is expertly cultivated. This is the Moselle valley which runs between the cities of Koblenz and Mainz. The flow of the Moselle River born in France has been going on for millions of years the valley of the southern Rhineland (also known as the Palatinate) having shaped steep crags providing ideal terrain for the cultivation of the vineyards.

The most fascinating part of the Weinstrasse is certainly the bight of Bremm (here is the homonymous village with the same name) where the terraces are very steep so that it seems impossible to process them. Continuing we meet the Castle of Cohen overlooking the homonymous village; its foundation in Romanesque style dates back to the 12th century. It was then destroyed by the French troops in 1689 and rebuilt by a wealthy Berlin industrialist in the late 1800s as a private residence in the neo-Gothic style.

Incentive Mosel Riesling wine between nature and culinary routes

A very important reason to organize your incentive on the Moselle valley is the bike path that runs for 250 km between villages and vineyards from Perl to Koblenz. Koblenz is one of the oldest cities in Germany; it experienced considerable development thanks to the customs taxes that came from permission to sail the river. Right here the Moselle river meets the Rhine.

To fully understand what the atmosphere is like by organizing an incentive on the Mosel Riesling wine valley, a visit to the village of Bernkastel-Kues is necessary, with its characteristic half-timbered houses with incomparable beauty and attention to detail.

In addition to making you visit the architectural beauties of the region, we will organize a tour along with the food and wine route in order to discover the best wineries where the aforementioned Riesling Renano is produced, one of the most famous white wines in the world. Its aroma and fragrance are unmistakable, delicate with an important acidity. We will test it together in the places of production or, in the evening, sit in the typical wine shops and pampered by the kindness that distinguishes the hosts of this region.

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