Team Event Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main (named to distinguish it from Frankfurt on the Oder) is the ideal destination for a team event Frankfurt in the financial sector. In fact, it is home to the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank and is the third-largest global equity market. Let’s not forget that in 1585 the first stock exchange was born here and at the end of 1700 the Rothschilds started their first activities.

As Berlin is a multicultural city so much that one in three inhabitants has non-German origins. It is also nicknamed Mainhattan for its vertical development that recalls that of Manhattan. This choice was chosen during the reconstruction phase after its almost total destruction during the Second World War.

Frankfurt is also the city where Ghoete was born who used to say “here I feel myself … here I feel like a man”. It is considered one of the most livable cities in Germany and one of the most important cultural centers in Europe (where an important book fair is held).

Team Event Frankfurt in the most significant locations of the city

The main stage to start your business incentive in Frankfurt is the Römerberg square, completely rebuilt after the Second World War, it is embellished with elegant palaces built between the fifteenth and seventeenth century with wooden beams. In this square is the town hall or Rathaus “Römer” as it is called by its inhabitants; here the Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were named.

Considerable sums of money are invested in culture. Frankfurt, with its important faculties of sociology and philosophy, has been and still is the cradle of humanistic knowledge. It must be underlined that in this city developed the famous sociological-philosophical school of neo-Marxist orientation which took the name of “The School of Frankfurt” and here, that at the end of 1932, Marcuse arrived at the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung).

Like all cities in Germany, Frankfurt also cares about its green areas. You can admire the beautiful park of the Stadtwald or the well-kept botanical garden of the Palmengarten which was inaugurated in 1868 and preserves a beautiful collection of exotic plants. In this marvelous garden, it is possible to immerse oneself in a unique natural context and it is possible to attend musical and theatrical performances.

What to say! an ideal city to organize a team event Frankfurt with a single mood: finance, culture, tradition, and nature!

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