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Berlin is an international city with a fusion of cultures and ethnic groups that live and respect each other. This city, full of magic, has always been talking about itself for its desire for freedom that has made it in recent years one of the most fascinating capitals of Europe, attracting young artists from around the world. Forget the dark years of the Cold War and the sadness of the wall that divided it, is now one of the coolest destinations for a corporate event or team event Berlin. Despite being one of the most populated capitals of Europe, here you can find neighborhoods where life flows with a more relaxed pace and where young people walk serenely.

Berlin is perhaps the only city that has experienced two totally opposed socio-economic systems; to the West with the lights of capitalism and the community of the alternative and to the East with the slow and gloomy communist system. Now, with joy, we can discover its colors through the murals of the alternative district of Kreuzberg or admire the works of street – artists from the East Side Gallery (what remains of the wall).

Even the television tower, an impressive example of the DDR architecture of the 1950s, makes it unmistakable. Once reached its platform at 203 meters high you can admire a breathtaking view. Also not to be missed is a walk along “Unter den Linden” literally “under the lime trees”; a long avenue wanted by Frederick William of Prussia that ends with the majestic Brandenburg Gate

Like all big cities Berlin is also culture and history, along the river Spree is “the island of museums” where are placed the Ancient Museum (Altes Museum) with its works of art from Etruscan, Greek and Roman times; the Bode Museum (Bodemuseum) with a Byzantine art collection; the New Museum (Neues Museum) with an important collection of Egyptian artifacts; finally, the Pergamon Museum which preserves the magnificent altar of Pergamum and the spectacular gate of Babylon.

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Telling Berlin is how to tell a magic, then it is rather difficult to describe it in words. You must be prepared to receive the energy that emanates. Either you love or hate it, but if you fall in love with it, will be for life as for all the great love stories.

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