Team Event Hamburg

Hamburg along with Berlin is one of the coolest cities in Germany, but it is also one of the richest and most fascinating. Built on canals like Venice, it is connected to the North Sea by the Elbe river. Unique are the walks in the intricate streets and canals located in the port city called Speicherstadt (warehouse town) characterized by its unmistakable red brick warehouses; the right place to organize your team event, Hamburg.

The famous Speicherstadt warehouses are seven to eight floors high, supported by oak piles. They are an excellent example of architecture typical of the Hanseatic cities. These warehouses were used for the storage of goods of various kinds such as coffee, tea, spices, cocoa, tobacco, rum, and oriental carpets.

Definitely Hamburg is a very interesting destination for your incentive or team event Hamburg. It is worth it only for the visit to the Hafencity, it is the most impressive urban regeneration of a port area in Europe that, from the degraded area, has become with new design hotels, cafes, shops, and luxury apartments one of the most luxurious and fashionable in the city. Not to mention the futuristic new headquarters of the Hamburg Opera House “Elba Philharmonic” which, with its elegant projection towards the sky and the sea, reflects the whole city in an almost surreal mirror.

Hamburg is also music and culture. In this metropolis are home to countless publishers and record companies as well as a substantial number of music clubs, let’s not forget that the Beatles began their career in some clubs in this city. A team event Hamburg is certainly interesting only for its 60 museums with all their important collections and for its creative atmosphere fueled by the countless artists who live there.

Team Event Hamburg in the city’s canals

The Venice Sunset staff will make your corporate incentive unique by soaking yourself in the suggestive atmosphere of the Hamburg canals or with unforgettable boat trips on the Elbe, Alster and Bille rivers. The mood of the event will be water as the main element of life and development. A definitely new alternative incentive that will make your guests satisfied.

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