Romantic Road Germany Tours

If you are looking for a corporate incentive in the name of nature and outdoor activities, the Romantische Straße is definitely the ideal choice. From Füssen to Würzburg (almost 370 km) you will discover the most fascinating landscapes of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The romantic road Germany tours is a landscaped route created in the 50s to re-evaluate the area with its beautiful towns, mountains, lakes, and hills.

If you start traveling from the South, the first town you meet is Fussen. Its history dates back to Roman times and, thanks to its strategic position between Italy and Augsburg, knew a flourishing period during the XV^ and XVI^ centuries. In this period, also became famous for his skilled craftsmen who built high-quality violins and lutes. The experience of a walk through the alleys of its historic center is unique.

Rottenbuch, a village of 1800 inhabitants, is worth visiting only for its RottenbuchMariä abbey and for the Church of Geburt (Nativity of Mary), a splendid example of rococo.

Do not miss the visit to the castles NEUSCHWANSTEIN AND HOHENSCHWANGAU. The imposing Castle of Neuschwanstein was built by Ludwig II^ of Bavaria, investing a considerable sum of money. It has all the characteristics of the classic fairytale castle that has inspired Walt Disney for its films. The Hohenschwangau Castle instead, is where Ludwig II^ grew up and where he spent carefree moments with his friend Richard Wagner. Landsberg is another small gem of rococo art on the banks of the river Lech.

The most important city we find on the Romantische Straße is Augsburg, named after the emperor Augustus who founded it in the 15th century BC. It knew an important development in the 14th century with the powerful family of skilled entrepreneurs known as the Fugger. Augsburg has left its mark on history because, right here, it was signed the “Peace of Augsburg” with which officially established the division of Germany between Catholics and Protestants.

Romantic road Germany tours for an incentive in unspoiled nature

Other endless words could be spent to motivate you to organize an incentive on the romantic road Germany tours: But believe us!! The main reason is to relive the romantic and elegant atmosphere created by Ludwig II of Bavaria that continues to permeate the region of magical atmosphere!!

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