Giacomo Tintoretto Team Building Venice

Jacopo Robusti alias “Tintoretto 1519-1594” – was a well-known eccentric and conformist Venetian Painter and the greatest exponent of the Venetian school and of the Italian Renaissance. His nickname came from the profession of his father Giovanni Battista who worked in the field of dyeing silks. He was also known for his various nicknames such as: “the furious” for his emphasis in painting animated by multiple characters and violent chiaroscuro; or “the terrible” for his energetic character and his determination in painting continually urged by a perennial fury of creativity.

Giacomo Tintoretto Team Building Venice of the Renaissance

For a team-building that differs from the others and for lovers of Renaissance painting, we have created Giacomo Tintoretto team building Venice that emphasizes the ruthless art world in 16th century Venice. Tintoretto will be the victim of a wicked joke perpetrated by his business rival Tiziano Vecellio (Painter and citizen of the Venetian Republic 1488-1576). Help him in the business that will allow him to complete his work and will show you Venice with the eyes of a true and unreleased artist while you discover at the same time some of the most curious and intriguing stories and legends of those times.

The departure will be from the beautiful Jewish quarter of Campo del Ghetto to subsequently touch the Church of Sant’Alvise, Madonna dell’Orto, Campo dei Mori, Casa del Tintoretto, Casino degli Spiriti, Palazzo Lezze, Abbazia della Misericordia and Scuola Grande della Misericordia.

The ride assisted by an Actor will be two kilometres with a duration between 1.30 H and 2.00 H.

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