Treasure Hunt Venice

Looking for the clue

Treasure hunt Venice between calli, campielli and porticos in search of useful clues to find the right track not so much to decree the winning team, but to allow the group to interact and knowing better by joining suspense with the game and fun – as well as discovering Venice’s alternative routes not often well-known in their origins and historical-architectural transformation that otherwise you would not be able to see. The treasure hunt Venice we propose can also be done with our professional masked actors from the Venetian theater, this to make the scenario, even more inebriating with a crescendo of emotions.

Fun and team cohesion with our treasure hunt Venice

The fascinating stories are all written by Venetians with a great knowledge of the city from the historical and cultural point of view and exemplary psychological mastery of interaction with the many personalities, joining so much fun and team cohesion that can then be used in the company.

The meeting point with our actors will be in front of the Santa Lucia Railway Station, explaining the treasure hunt modality, splitting the group into mini-groups, delivering the maps of the path and start of the game that will end near Campo della Maddalena or San Marco if made in periods of less tourist affluence. The chosen path, apart from being particularly and unattractive by the tourist mass, will allow participants to know an unprecedented Venice. At the end of the game, the winning team will be the one who has found more clues and has finished the game in the shortest time.

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