Plague Doctor – Venice Treasure Hunt

It is the year 1630 and yet another plague epidemic has spread a veil of death over the whole city. A treacherous character wanders through the streets of Venice. He is among the few people who can move and enjoys special permission to visit the plague victims, because he pretends to be a plague doctor. But this shady character does not practice his profession ethically. He hides under his famous mask to remain anonymous and to be able to carry out his crimes by robbing and sometimes killing his patients.

The government of the Serenissima Republic cannot tolerate this scandal any longer. The corrupt plague doctor must be exposed and arrested.

It is about living a real spy story of the past. Participants will have to solve a series of puzzles and follow some tracks that will lead to identify the evil plague doctor.

The Plague Doctor, to protect himself from the epidemic, wore an ankle-length black tunic, gloves, shoes, a cane (necessary for examining contaminated patients without touching them, keeping people away and removing clothes from plague victims) , a wide-brimmed hat and a mask in the shape of a curved beak with two openings for the eyes and two glass lenses with aromatic essences inside composed of: dried flowers, lavender, thyme, myrrh, amber, mint leaves, camphor , cloves, garlic and sponges soaked in vinegar which acted as a filter and which should have prevented the transmission of the virus and, above all, formed a barrier for the transmission of acrid odors.

Who will be this Plague Doctor?

This treasure hunt is suitable for a heterogeneous audience and ideal for companies that want to make their collaborators interact through play, fun and team cohesion.

The team building will be divided into teams and, after the introduction of our actors, each will be given a map of the route as well as various questions that each team will have to answer. The team that completes the entire journey in the shortest time correctly and answers all the questions assigned will win the game. In the various stages, a surprise will await you!!!

To round off the day in Venice, we will organize a lunch or dinner in a typical Venetian trattoria to discover Venetian cuisine.

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